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Imagine . . . hundreds of hours of industry-specific insight into software that’s changing the way our world is designed, engineered and built. It’s available right now from CAD-1. Settle in with a cup of coffee and explore ways to do your job better, faster and more efficiently . . . with the experts!

Welcome to the CAD-1 Technology Forum – a unique CAD-1 webcast series designed to be easily digestible for the busy AEC industry.  Our ten- to fifteen-minute webinars are straight to the point, giving you the information you need to succeed without taking up much more time than a coffee break. Topics cover a variety of BIM and VDC solutions and are meant to cover every sector of the AEC industry. Have an idea for a specific topic? Drop us a line in the idea box.

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Vehicle Tracking with Brian J. Hailey, P.E.

. . . The owner has changed his/her mind again.  We have to lay out the site once more.  Changing the parking lots is an ever time-consuming process (do we have enough accessible parking?), and it was already designed so the delivery trucks could access the loading docks, while going around the roundabout . . .

If you’ve ever had a project go like this (and haven’t we all?), Brian will show you how to maximize the efficiency of several of the more time-consuming processes of your project using the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking that comes with your new AEC Collection!

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