Contractors – Present to Win

Contractors – Present to Win

For many contractors, presentation skills may not be the sharpest tool in their collection. Your team consists of phenomenal craftsmen, strategic and organized managers, a strong portfolio, and good humored superintendents. However, when it comes to being short-listed for a desirable project, your team may fall short of the presentation skills and capabilities needed to sway the decision committee. I have heard horror stories of teams going into presentations with stale PowerPoints and display boards that are more like the entry for an annual science fair. It’s time to stop going into presentations looking ill-prepared. Instead walk in prepared to impress the owner with video and 3D models that show how you plan to successfully complete their project.

From experience, I know that describing success on a past project or describing how your team is planning to overcome a logistical challenge is difficult when using only words to illustrate a complex problem. The technology exists today for your team to illustrate your plans and successes with interactive imagery or videos. My personal favorite example is a large project on a busy college campus. How do you coordinate deliveries with students on campus? Where are materials stored? How much green space will be utilized during the project? How will parking nearby on campus be affected? Will the building be an eyesore? Or will the building cast shadows over icy sidewalks during winter and prevent ice melt? The answers to these issues can be easily studied, illustrated, and ready to demonstrate before your next presentation.

Presentation technology is not new. Large firms have been utilizing it for a while now. However, many medium-sized and small firms have yet to transition to this technology. Why? They may not have the know-how or technology to do so. For many firms, creating 3D models is outside their scope of work or expertise. They forego the process because of the technical and marketing resources needed. But now, you have a friend in the presentation business. Call CAD-1 to assist you in developing presentations that can win you more of the work your firm has set its sights on.

The members of the CAD-1 technical staff have worked within the AEC industry and know about the struggles contracting firms face. CAD-1 offers services to help general contractors create 3D models and videos that win work. If you’re interested in learning more about integrating 3D models and videos into your presentations contact CAD-1 today at 303-427-2231 or .


Cassandra Vagher
CAD-1 Marketing Coordinator

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