Revit® Architecture Advanced

Revit® Architecture Advanced


Revit Architecture helps you increase your productivity while working with topographic surfaces and structural elements.

Course Duration:  2 days

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One of the powerful features of Revit is the toolset for creating mass elements that can be modified into numerous shapes. Users will expand their knowledge in the areas of conceptual design, including massing studies, space planning, visualization and rendering.


The Revit Architecture Advanced class will cover the following:

  • Create topographic surfaces and building pads.
  • Modify surfaces and creating sub-regions, splitting surfaces and grading regions.
  • Work with shared coordinates. Structural.
  • Create structural grids and add columns.
  • Add structural elements such as foundation walls, footings, beams and beam systems.
  • Copy and monitor elements across disciplines.
  • Check interferences. Conceptual Design and Visualization.
  • Use rooms and areas for space planning and analysis.
  • Create perspectives, walkthroughs and solar studies.
  • Understand the concepts of rendering and lighting.

A good working skill level in Revit Architecture or Revit Architecture Fundamentals class.