Revit for Interior Design by Deni Cox

Revit for Interior Design by Deni Cox

Revit for Interior Design

Autodesk has applications for many specialized disciplines, like Architecture and Civil design, but what about a specialty within a discipline? As we are seeing much of the building industry moving from AutoCAD-based programs to Revit, the question arises, “Can I use Revit for Interior Design?” The answer is a resounding YES!

There are many components of Revit that are perfect for an Interior Designer, with the number one feature being scheduling. The tagging and scheduling for room areas, furniture, fixtures, and more are a breeze. Anything that you are used to scheduling in MSWord or MSExcel can be scheduled in Revit. The ease of repetition using Revit families and groups may help decrease your design time while ensuring design standardization. Interior elevations are a sore spot for Interior Designers.  Just how much detail needs to be modeled vs. how much detail do you need for the output? The ability to add detail lines to an elevation view eliminates the need for excessive modeling to show a necessary level of detail.

The transition into Revit for Interior Design will ensure that you can collaborate with the entire design team; no more need to export to a CAD format just so you can do your part. You won’t regret the decision to start doing your Interior Design in Revit.

Register for the CAD-1 Revit for Interior Design educational session on October 20th, 2017 here.


By Deni Cox
CAD-1 Technical Specialist

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