Technical Support

CAD-1 Technical Support

Basic Installation and Product Support
Included with your License

Every CAD-1 customer will enjoy the world class support which is backed by our robust Technical staff.

  • Installation & Activation
  • Deployment creation
  • Autodesk account assistance
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Network license manager installation, update and configuration
  • Workspace Migration
  • Hardware recommendations

Unlimited Support Contract

Support Services covers problems with knowledge about features, customization assistance and advanced concepts of the software:

  • Error messages
  • Customization assistance and migration
  • Questions on styles, settings and content
  • Advanced concept issues
  • Troubleshooting product behavior
  • File issues and diagnostics
  • Product Interoperability

CAD-1 Support Contracts are available by contacting your CAD-1 Customer Representative or calling the CAD-1 office at (303) 427-2231.  You can also email us at   You can also purchase CAD-1 Technical Support through the CAD-1 Online Store.

Do you already have a CAD-1 Technical Support Contract and need assistance?  Contact Technical Support:

Colorado:  (303) 217-5174
Outside Colorado:  (866) 270-9617


Help Desk:

Sometimes it takes more than an email or phone call to get back on track.  If required, CAD-1 offers on-site support at our client locations for an additional fee.

Our unrivaled “At Your Desk” support service, featuring Go-To-Meeting technology, helps issues get resolved quickly by having computer-to-computer access.  Don’t worry, it’s included with CAD-1 telephone support contracts.  We also offer discounted blocks of At Your Desk Support.

CAD-1 telephone support is priced to meet your situation, with options for per-incident pricing or an annual contract basis. Either way you get flexibility and peace of mind when support issues arise.

CAD-1 customers purchasing Autodesk® and ancillary software receive installation support at no additional charge.