The Bridge from SketchUp to Revit is Here!

The Bridge from SketchUp to Revit is Here!

Admit it, your workflow feels redundant. Currently you’re using Sketchup to draft your conceptual design, and then you’re spending hours and thousands of dollars each year taking these simple visual mockups and turning them into Revit models by hand. The process is inefficient and exhausting and probably gives your drafters a headache. Enter Helix – a new tool that converts mass painted faces in SketchUp into intelligent building information models.

How does it work? Helix converts Sketchup faces and components to Revit walls, doors, windows, roofs and curtainwalls. The simple and easy-to-use plugin allows you to map the Sketchup file’s geometry and shapes and then turns it into real Revit information. Helix is also bidirectional, allowing you to make changes to your Revit model that can be mapped back to Sketchup. This one simple tool eliminates hours of work, saves money, and streamlines your work flow.

For more information on Helix click here.

Brian Juge AIA
CAD-1 Technical Specialist

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