You have made the M2S “switch.” … Now what?

You have made the M2S “switch.” … Now what?

You have made the M2S “switch.” … Now what?

When you switch from a perpetual maintenance to a term-based subscription contract, you surrender the rights to your perpetual license. You no longer own that license, and what you receive in return is a discounted cost for the equivalent term-based license on a subscription contract.

The main question customers have about the M2S switch is, do you need to “switch” the license that is currently installed on your computer, or may you continue to use your perpetual license? While the answer is not always black and white, generally you may continue to use your perpetual license, with the following caveats:

  1. You must remove all software that was included with your perpetual maintenance, but is not included in your new subscription. For instance, the switch from a premium level design suite to the AEC Collection has one product that will need to be removed – Navisworks Simulate. While the design suites included Navisworks Simulate, the AEC Collection includes Navisworks Manage, so if you made the switch and still have Navisworks Simulate installed, you will need to remove that software.
  2. Once you install any product included in your new subscription contract, you have 120 days to remove all remaining products from the corresponding maintenance contract. Using the example above, after you replace Navisworks Simulate with Navisworks Manage, you are then required within 120 days to remove the remaining products from the design suite and reinstall them using the new serial number and product key from the AEC Collection.
  3. If you don’t install any product included in your new subscription contract and elect to keep using the existing perpetual license, and then find it necessary to re-install your software, you must at that time install the subscription license and may no longer use the perpetual license.

Although the rules seem pretty straightforward, they also bring up questions:

  1. What happens if you switched to AEC Collection and then have to re-install AutoCAD? You will have to use the AEC Collection serial number and the AutoCAD product key. What about the Revit, 3DS Max and other software that was also installed via your perpetual maintenance contract? Do you now need to remove and re-install those? (Yes.)
  2. What happens when you install a new version of the software using your new subscription license? Do you have to remove and reinstall all the previous versions that are still installed using the perpetual license information? (Yes.)

Although Autodesk has provided some exceptions to help with your workflow, when you “switch” from a maintenance plan to a subscription contract, you agree to uninstall within 120 days all copies of the original license materials, including listed maintenance-covered previous versions and any legacy previous versions allowed under the maintenance plan.

Because Autodesk License Compliance is a huge issue and a revenue generating business worldwide, the recommendation by CAD-1 is to switch to your subscription software as soon as your workflow and deadlines allow.

Changing from an installed perpetual license to a term-based license may be as simple as doing nothing (for network installs) or changing the serial number (for individual products), or it might be quite an undertaking requiring the removal of the existing install and reinstall of the same products when moving from a standalone seat of a design suite to the AEC Collection.

The bottom line is, you will be better off if the software you actually have licensed is installed.  Once you do that, you don’t need to worry about the gray areas or unintentionally crossing the line into a compliance issue.

CAD-1 is here to help you with the switch, from “when” to “how” to helping with the actual process.  All you need to do is ask: .

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